As Online Travel has taken over the trend of online savvy travelers the online tourism market is booming. Not surprisingly, Internet Travel is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. India is also not far behind in this race as according to the Pundits industry, the Online Travel Market in India could cost about US $ 6 Billion.

As a logical expansion of such heights, Travel Guides have shown a steady rise in online travel and in the process of fulfilling the needs of niche readers. Both traditional print products and cyber organizations only incorporate it to attract the attention of this niche segment. Publishers of print products after their initial hesitation have also begun to embrace the web and publish all their content online.
Travel Guidelines

Let’s take a look at what Travel Guides offers. Travel guides have become an essential tool for anyone considering tourism. The Travel Guide is full of helpful tips, accurate information, good ideas etc without being well written, well laid out and well illustrated.

These Central Centric guidelines provide details on all aspects of travel. You can find great details on how to access, attractions, tours, festivals, history and a variety of accommodations available such as accommodation, hotels, resorts and accommodations and accommodation. Simple maps make it easy for newcomers to pinpoint any location.

A good tourism guide should also briefly describe the recreational activities associated with normal life activities that can be done in a particular city. Another important feature that is often missed is public transportation to the cities where the traveler arrives. The actual tourism guide should also provide specific details of the public transport system that outlines the routes of buses, cabs and fares.

Another important factor in the City Guide is the uniformity of the information. This is important because travel can be both business and business.

Advantages and disadvantages of Online Travel Guides

More and more people are researching the internet as a result of which Online Travel Guides have become more popular compared to their print counterparts. However both products have their own plans and limitations.

The online guides are effective by tapping the user-generated reviews and providing the added benefit of E-Commerce options. So check the web pages of the guide and booking flights, hotels and other programs at the same time and log in directly to the site. Another great feature of online guides is that there is enough space to add value. For example the Indian railway has planned a new train connecting Amritsar and Kasargod. This information can be easily updated in the Guide for visitors to see.

As hotels and rental companies change their prices according to the season and local competition, online travel guides also offer many dynamic packages based on such diversity. However coming to the flip side is very difficult to find Internet Travel Guides that are not under commercial influence. It is not uncommon to see many sites set up to attract potential customers to a particular center, or sites that offer reviews by travelers may not be completely independent.

Concluding Online Travel Guides has become an excellent way to gather information about small Indian cities that have great tourism potential but are often overlooked. For example the whole of the North East, North Kerala which has been neglected as a tourist destination over the years has seen positive influx of tourists due to the usual travel guides.


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