Ah, the age of knowledge … these days people look for knowledge, but they are hungry for knowledge. Instead of going through a lot of websites for the purpose of getting solid advice, I’ve done a leg job by compiling the best free travel guides out there today. The online guide format differs from that of its affiliated counterparts; where the book should include the information you need before and during your trip, online travel guides enable you to find what you need, where you need it.

Several times I have used an online reference book, and I am just printing (or writing down in my notebook) the most important information in the next few days. Here is my list of the best free international travel guides:

Travelfish.org. There is no single source of travelers to Southeast Asia better than Travelfish. Packed with simple navigation details throughout the region, including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Singapore, Travelfish covers all the needs of travelers. The forum is very well organized, and you can expect high quality information from those who answer your questions. Most of the information is free, and they offer e-guides from each country for about $ 5 (true transactions).

Lonley Planet Thorn Tree Square. It is very similar to the Travelfish forum, but with a ground cover. I firmly believe that guidebooks are often outdated when they hit the media, and it is important to get advice from someone who is present. Visa requirements change, roads are closed, violence is happening … don’t get caught unprepared. The forums also offer advice that you will not find in a manual, or: the need for bribes, a history of violence, etc. These are important things in the real world that most books (and government) are accustomed to seeing.

Lonley Planet. Although they have not yet used it, LP has come up with the idea of ??offering a “pay as you go” system where you can select parts of the manual and pay only for that part. Keep an eye on their website to find out the release date.

Bootsnall.com There are many tour guides available on this site, and one can spend the rest of your life researching your network. A really good network of travelers, with self-paced travel blogs.

These three are far and far the best online source of free travel guides around the world, and I suggest you research your destination before and within your trip.


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